FAQs and Reg 31 Letters

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

We have produced a number of documents to answer frequently asked questions about Regulation 31. Please see below:

FAQ1 How do I apply for approval of my products?
FAQ2 What claims can I make about my approved products?
FAQ3 Can the DWI enter into a confidentiality agreement concerning product ingredients?
FAQ4 What products can be approved for use with drinking water? (plus What is the relationship between the approval schemes run by WRAS and the DWI?)
FAQ5 How can I check whether a product is approved for use with drinking water supplies plus What is the status of products approved under the former regulations?
FAQ6 Can I apply for approval of my process?
FAQ7 Do products used in contact with treatment chemicals need to be approved under Regulations?
FAQ8 Can approval be given for products used with private water supplies?
FAQ9 Can bitumen containing products be approved for use with drinking water supplies?
FAQ10 Can reworked or recycled materials be approved?
FAQ11 What are the requirements concerning the use of metallic products with brackish water intended for treatment for human consumption?
FAQ12 The use of products for emergency disinfection of public water supplies
FAQ13 Testing requirements for new equipment for use during emergencies and routine maintenance
FAQ14 Product formulation details and material safety data sheets (MSDS)
FAQ15 What is the progress with European testing and approval of drinking water construction products?
FAQ16 How can I apply to use a product for research purposes?
FAQ17 Can a product be approved for use solely with untreated water intended for human consumption?


Reg 31 Letters

Occasionally the Drinking Water Inspectorate uses Reg 31 letters to communicate with the water industry, applicants and other relevant parties;

19 March 2019 Revocation of approval of Wavinmain EN 1452 NGS under Regulation 31 (PDF 193KB)
19 February 2019 Revocation of approval of Nitocote CM210 under Regulation 31 (PDF 80KB)
6 Aug 2018 Review of arrangements for approval of Traditional Chemicals (Section A.7.1 List of Approved Products) (PDF 70KB)



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